puripotTM received Innovation Awards at CES 2019 in "Fitness, Sports and BioTech" area!

Our unique technology

The latest nano photocatalyst technology that is applied to our puripotTM can produce clean and fresh air by removing volatile organic compound (VOC) gases, bacteria and viruses. This is the core technology providing our puripotTM with excellent and effective deodorization and sterilization performance without generating Ozone.

TiO2 is photocatalyst ceramic material showing a strong antibacterial performance and deoderization, and the material is harmless to human. TiO2 carries out oxidtion-reduction reaction to VoC gases in the air which is triggered by UV light source. This reaction with the UV light produces Ozone that is considered harmful to human body. Our innovation is to activate porous TiO2, nanoparticles photoexcitation by using a visible wavelength light so there will be no Ozone and UV. We don't use filter so maintenance is very minimal.

Along with these essential air purification functions, puripotTM can also be used as a LED mood light with interior soft blue LED, and a natural humidifier with the water in the bottom container.