F series

puripot airFrame is a frame type air purifier with blue light PCO technologies, that can be either mounted on walls or placed on tables with providing wooden legs.

General Details

puripot airFrame F series: F1/F1N

The puripot airFrame is a wall-mountable frame-type air purifier with our latest blue light PCO technologies applied to the multilayer PCO mesh unit installed in the air entrance and the honeycomb PCO module inside the product. It can be elegantly placed on a table or floor with providing wooden legs if the walls are not suited to hang the product.

The puripot airFrame is designed thin and aerodynamic to maximize the space utilization while preserving the air cleaning performance required. Due to its sleek design, it can be placed as a stand type on home or office tables, or can be installed as a wall-mounted type in places where safety needs to be ensured to prevent any accidents while assuring the minimalism of the product’s design philosophy.

The air purifier has an electrochemical photocatalyst unit coated with mesoporous structured titanium dioxide materials. This unit uses the visible light of 460nm wavelength to generate instantaneously hyperactive hydroxyl radicals that ultimately break down VOCs destroying the molecular bonds. This is the core part of the air cleaning process without producing any byproducts that could be harmful to the human body.


Function Details


Effective deodorization by photocatalyst action with porous titanium dioxide photosensitizer


Strong sterilization by photocatalyst honeycomb unit with hydroxyl radical to remove VOCs, bacteria and viruses

Dual Filtration System

Close and powerful dual filter system with non-replaceable PCO fine-dust filter and PCO unit filter

Innovative and compatible design

Designed as wall mount type and cradle on the desk or elsewhere

LED Mood Light

Mood light effect at night by internal soft blue LED

Air Quality Monitor

Air quality monitoring with VOC and fine dust sensor and displaying with LED monitor