L series

Lamp type air purifier with innovative PCO technologies: filter replacement-free PCO mesh unit and blue light PCO honeycomb module

General Details

puripot airLamp L series: L1/L1N

The puripot airLamp is a lamp-type air purifier that applies two innovative and environment friendly technologies to household lamps that are used universally in most every life: 1) a polyester-based non-woven fabric filter treated with meta-doped TiO2 photocatalyst, and 2) a market proven visible light-based titanium dioxide photocatalyst technology together to removes harmful VOCs viruses, bacteria and fine dust.

The transition meta-doped titanium dioxide non-photocatalyst filter used in the device is an eco-friendly, inorganic material-based fiber filter that is made by coating polyester non-woven fiber with the TiO2 photocatalyst. The filter has strong destructive effect on almost all kinds of virus regardless of the light irradiation. The performance of the filter is not deteriorated even after long hour use and periodic washing to remove dust attached. The filter has more than 50% better dust removal efficiency than the general HEPA filters.

The dust-removed air passing through the innovative filter is then cleaned second time in the main unit of the airLamp that is a titanium dioxide photocatalyst responsive to 460nm visible light. It produces instantaneously hyperactive hydroxyl radicals that ultimately break down VOCs destroying the molecular bonds and thus enhance the air cleaning efficiency. These two innovative technologies applied together to the lamp-type air purifier airLamp maximize the indoor air quality by removing both particulate and gaseous pollutants in the air such as fine dust, harmful organic gases, bacteria, viruses, tobacco odor, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, urine and many other hydro carbon molecules, while performing the principal role of lighting.

Function Details


Effective deodorization by photocatalyst action with porous titanium dioxide photosensitizer


Strong sterilization by photocatalyst honeycomb unit with hydroxyl radical to remove VOCs, bacteria and viruses

Dual Filtration System

Close and powerful dual filter system with non-replaceable PCO fine-dust filter and PCO unit filter


Table lamp for office desk, bedside table, cafe table and the like

Air Quality Monitor

Air quality monitoring with VOC and fine dust sensor